Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community,

Many have asked for weekly prayers to be shared with the community. This is a way for us to share the prayers shared in worship, through the food pantry, and our various other ministries. Due to privacy needs we will only include the first names of people and not last names. We also know this list will not be perfect and in need of constant updating. We will review this every week and be mindful of how we are being asked to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world. 

Pastor Devon 

Prayers of Joy
Prayers of gratitude that Daniel had a great week at camp. 
Prayers of gratitude for all our staff, volunteers, and clients. A wonderfully thoughtful note was received thanking us for the work that is being done through the church and pantry. Praise God! 

Prayers of Concern
Today we ask you to pray for friends and family near and far, for neighbors, for those we know well, and for those we meet in passing. Pray for strangers, for those who feel lost or broken. 
We pray for health and wellbeing. 
Pray for healing for 3-year-old Klayton, and for peace and comfort for his loved ones. 
For Cody’s recovery. We pray in gratitude that Bud was able to be with Cody, and for Bud’s safe return to us. For a long road ahead. 
For Mr. Day who is battling 2 types of cancer. 
Prayers for Daniel’s sleep cycle after a great week at camp. For his upcoming medical appointments and improvement on the keyboard.  
Kymmie asks for prayer for family, for a new vehicle for a friend that dearly needs it, desperate need for pantry volunteers who are being greatly impacted by the heat. Also for her nephew, Logan. 
Pray for healing also for John, a pantry client who remains in the hospital with complications from Covid and other infections. 
Prayers for those impacted by the heat. 
Cheryl lifted up prayers for her family, co-workers, for the homeless coalition and food pantry clients, her brother in Georgia, those suffering with their mental health, finances, and for a speedy recovery for Jeanie, for our snowbirds, teachers, and students, and for neighbor Clair, 
For those who are hungry, for those battling things we don’t even understand, for friends near and far, for situations that don’t always make sense to us, for prayers that we have that we can’t even voice, for the other silent prayers on our hearts 
For Ukraine, the people still in Ukraine and for the local Ukrainian community. For peace and safety. 
Finally, please pray for peace throughout the world.

Prayers for those Traveling
Traveling mercies for Maralee’s brother-in-law and niece 
Also for Gale and her family’s travel in Canada. 
Prayers for others traveling.


On the website for the church, there is a way to submit your prayer requests. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please do so. The prayer requests are emailed to Pastor Devon once they are submitted. 

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