Daniel Plan

I have been on a journey for the past 9 months to learn what it means to live healthier for longer. For me, this journey comes from having two parents, a cousin, and an aunt battle cancer diagnoses. It also comes from watching many people I love (that includes all of you) struggle with memory issues. It also comes from watching those in our congregation and our community have difficulties with health and healthy habits, as well as heart issues, diabetes, pain issues, depression, anxiety, debilitating diseases, and more. As many say to me, “Getting old isn’t easy!”

Well, I don’t believe that getting old has to be hard. Through this journey, I have learned so much about food and nutrition, fitness, faith, focus, and fellowship, that I believe there is a huge message for our community. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The food we eat impacts our lives, our well-being, and our longevity.

I want us all to be healthier and start changing how we feel so we can feel better longer! The Daniel Plan is a church wide campaign to help us look at faith, food, fitness, focus, fellowship, and how to live out a life that is healthier and more wholistic. The best part, we get to do it together.

Below are some avenues for us to become healthier together. I hope you will consider inviting friends and family to what we are doing. In worship, we will go over a different theme each week. Then through small groups, we will dive deeper into these themes. We will implement the ideas through yoga and walking groups. As well as eating together delicious meals on Shrove Tuesday and the first Sunday of every month (Jeanne and I will be your chefs!). We are also exploring having some speakers join us for these free meals for our congregation and community.

God’s prescription for your health will be modeled in everything we do this season. I pray you will join us for this ride.

Pastor Devon