Financial Peace University

Use the form below to let us know if you are interested in joining us for class! Praying we will offer this class in the Spring of 2019.

Changing Families Across America One Class at a Time
Many see Dave Ramsey as a radio show host, but did you know he has a heart for the local church? For more than 20 years, thousands upon thousands of churches have hosted Financial Peace University and seen more than 4.5 million people learn to handle money God’s ways and take control of their futures. They’ve beaten debt while learning to save wisely and give generously.

What if families in your church didn’t have to face car payments or credit card debt? What if couples were on the same page with their finances and could avoid those destructive money fights? What would the people in your church be able to accomplish without being held back by finances? What if your church was known in the community as the place people came to learn how to handle their money? That’s not a dream. It’s more than just possible. It’s a
reality for many churches across this country.

Questions? Email Pastor Devon at Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!

  • In addition to a class geared for adults, we will have a class for children for the entire 9 week program that teaches children about money as well.

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