Food Forest

A food forest is a way of growing edibles that mimics natural forest ecosystems by incorporating different types of food-bearing plants to create a cohesive, self-sustaining system. Our hope for the food forest is to make sure that anyone who is hungry can find something to eat on the property. In addition, our food forest provides food for our pantry guests, faith community, and community at large. If you are interested in being part of helping in the food forest, please click HERE for more information. If you would like to donate a tree to the food forest, please check out the fundraising information before to help purchase a tree for the food forest.

Food Forest Fundraiser

Help us expand the community garden in to a FOOD FOREST!
Make a gift in honor or memory of someone dear to you!
Price and donation info is below.
The trees will provide food for our community, the food pantry and anyone who wants to pick something to eat!

Pick a TREE or TWO