Garden of Eatin’ Dedication at
Wintergarden PresbyterianYou are invited to join us for our Garden Dedication on Saturday, June 12 from 10-1. From 10-10:45am, we will have our garden dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting. Following that, we will have food for folks and everyone can tour the gardens. We hope you will join us! For our friends who are not able to make it in person, please watch the dedication on Facebook. The broadcast will begin around 10am. Click HERE for the link. Or try this link:  Friends, there are various ways you can financial support the garden as well as with your time. 

1. If you would like to make a financial donation to the garden or church at this time, you are welcome to do that as well. Click HERE for the link.

2. If you would be interested in adding a brick to the memorial pathway, please click HERE.

3. If you would like to donate a tree to the sensory garden or food forest in honor or memory of someone, please click HERE.

4. And lastly, if you would like to volunteer your time to the work in the garden, please click HERE and let us know how you can help. 
We look forward to spending time with you on Saturday as we dedicate this beautiful part of our mission and ministry with the community. I pray we continue to work towards fighting food insecurity in our community and helping to feed people. Thanks for being a part of this mission!

Pastor Devon