Lettuce Learn Fall 2022 Sustainability

September 7th

Waste reduction starts with just saying no to those items that we really don’t need.

Plan garden and plant seeds for the garden and to grow at home.

September 21st

Reduction doesn’t just apply to the things we buy. Reduction also applies to the energy we use in our home, school and getting us around. Reduction starts with the choices we make every day.

Challenge Activity-We will all be taking home a bag or a jar to keep all our waste in to see if we are better that the average of 4.4lbs per person per day.

Clean out garden beds to get ready for seedlings.

October 5th

Choose to Reuse. Do you ever choose items you buy because you can imagine using it in other ways? How many ways can we reuse items around our homes? How many items in the garden are being reused?

Tie Dye T-shirts (Shirts are gently used white t-shirts from our boys.) and make candles with wax leftover and yogurt jars.

Plant seedlings

October 19th
Repair and Repurpose

We live in a throwaway society. If we know how to repair items that are torn or broken, we could extend the life of the item or make it into something else useful and save money in the process. Being able to mend a small hole or sew a button can be a really important skill. What else in your home do you think you could fix in order to extend its life? Thinking of sewing.

Water and Tend Garden

November 2nd

Did you know that 24.1% of the waste in our landfill is made up of food waste. How do we reduce what we throw away? Why and how do we compost?

Create box for seeds and supplies for your gardens. Bring a shoe box or other box to decorate using old items.

Water, Tend and Harvest Garden

November 16th

Why do we recycle? Do the things we put in the bin really get recycled? Recycling is last in the R’s, why? We will explore why we recycle and how important the process is for our environment.

Water, Tend and Harvest Garden

December 7th

FIELDTRIP! Tour of the FGCU Food Forest (Scheduled)

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