HUNGER IN AMERICA- the details Dearest Church Family and Friends Near and Far,

Jim is looking forward to beginning this class with you. Again, the two options are Tuesday evening at 7 pm or Wednesday morning at 9:30 am. 

This class will look at hunger in America from a biblical, theological, historical perspective and modern-day viewpoints. We’ll explore the number of people living who are hungry and why the problem persists. We will watch some TED talks on various topics regarding hunger, as well as have a speaker from Second Harvest Food Bank talking about finances. We’ll also explore fasting for a 24-hour period and determine how much food can be bought with EBTs and compare it to what you buy and eat.
 Details below:If you do not have zoom, please download zoom to your computer, tablet, or phone before the class starts. It will make it easier to get online at the proper time. 

ZOOM Details: (CLICK HERE or the link below) This link will work for BOTH classes! 

Meeting ID: 839 3865 6424
Passcode: Hunger
 We hope our friends from Bee Ridge will be able to join us for this conversation and study. Looking forward to being with you as we learn more about this major area of concern in our country. Jim Moravek will be the facilator of the class and Pastor Devon is going to hop in as much as she can 🙂

Love to you all, 
Pastor Devon Andrews 

Pastor Terri Jo Crego