Becoming a Beloved Community:

A Matthew 25 journey to Pentecost

I pray everyone is well!
Here ya go. Blessings with you this Friday!

Well, I messed up the devotions today. When I put them together, I thought today was the 28th and yesterday was Friday. Mistakes are so simple to make!

Because of that, I thought I would share this video from Mandisa, TobyMac, and Kirk Franklin. I am at a loss for words over how many black and brown lives are being killed and their deaths are being recorded. Every time today I have started to do the devotion, I have just cried. Friends,

I pray you can reflect on this video, the words, and how we can respond to dismantling racism. So I am going to continue to cry, pray, and reflect. I am going to research, read, and remember. And I am going to ask for God to provide clarity for me and for all of us on our Matthew 25 journey.  

Here is the link for the daily devotional video:

Or Click HERE for the link. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Love to you all, 

Pastor Devon