Becoming a Beloved Community:

A Matthew 25 journey to Pentecost

Today begins our new daily devotional journey. We are expanding the way we share this information with you. My hope will be for you to have this information every day by 9:30 am. But, you know me…I like island time 😉 So it might be a little later as I figure out all these new platforms for helping us to grow together. 

First, you will receive a daily email with a youtube link to the video for the day. The link is below.

Second, our daily devotional will be posted on Facebook every day as well. The questions will be in the link to the youtube video. 

Third, you can always check out our new youtube channel to get videos. Sacred Space and Devotionals will be posted there every week/day. 
Stay tuned for more updates and information as we continue to move forward as being a beloved community near and far!

Here is the link for the first daily devotional video:

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Love to you all,

Pastor Devon