Midweek Book Study

Over the course of the Summer of 2020, we spent a great amount of time trying to gain a deeper understanding of systemic racism and work towards a commitment of anti-racism. Click on the link below to continue your personal study on these topics. There are videos from our class, as well as many resources for you to explore this topic on your own.


Jesus and Food Insecurity: Food Insecurity is a huge issue in our community and our nation. Jesus spoke a lot about feeding people and the importance of filling the physical hunger so the spiritual hunger could be met as well. Jim Moravek, with the help of Pastor Devon and Pastor Terri Jo Crego from Bee Ridge Presbyterian, will be leading on 6-week study on food insecurity and justice. Our study will begin via Zoom on Wednesday, October 7. Stay tuned for more updates.

Wintergarden Mid Week Book Study