Music And Worship Leader

The Music and Worship Leader helps Wintergarden Presbyterian accomplish our mission statement to “feed people physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in our community,” by working with the pastor and the Worship and Arts Team to provide worship experiences that glorify God through music, arts and the Word, and participate in leading a blended worship of traditional and contemporary elements.

Description and Responsibilities:

  1. Work with the pastor and the Worship & Arts Team to select and prepare a variety of music that supports the theme/liturgy of the sermon series or lectionary passages.
  2. Incorporate traditional and contemporary forms of music into the worship service.
  3. Lead worship through liturgy, music accompaniment, solo instrumentals, choral leadership and other support.
  4. Provide music for the additional worship services during the year including, but not exclusive to, Blue Christmas, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise.
  5. Communicate worship-related information in a timely manner with the Worship & Arts Team and the Administrative Assistant for the preparation of worship AV and liturgical support planning..
  6. Attend Worship & Arts Team meetings, church staff meetings, and other meetings deemed appropriate by the Minister of Word and Sacrament.
  7. Attend to the care and maintenance of instruments, music library, and other equipment related to worship music.

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours a week

Required Skills and Talents:

Proficiency in providing worship accompaniment on at least one instrument (ie, piano/keyboard, guitar); strong understanding of music theory; experience with hymnody; understanding of other musical genres also needed to enhance worship music experience (ie, contemporary music); experience leading group music (choral or instrumental), some experience in participating in worship leadership; knowledge of copyright permissions and CCLI database. Positive demeanor, strong interpersonal skills needed to work alongside, and lead, congregational participants. Adaptable to change. Express joy in the worship experience.

Special Talents, Skills Preferred:

Administrative Skills-Microsoft Office, Song Select, Planning Center, Google Drive; understanding of theological undertones of music. Interest in teaching, developing, musicality of congregation.

Resources and Training Provided:

Presbytery resources and networking with other worship leaders; biannual attendance at Montreat Worship & Music Conference, musical instruments and music library available.