Worship Services for October 25, 2020

Good Morning Wintergarden Family near and far!

For those of you who weren’t able to join us on Sunday for worship, here are our worship services. A reminder that we are doing both Sacred Space at 8:30 and our 9:30 Traditional service on Facebook Live and in person. Also, continue Sunday Morning Fellowship every Sunday at 11:00 am through September. 

Sacred Space
Our meditation service is at 8:30 am on Sunday mornings. You are welcome to join us in person in the garden, on-line through Facebook Live, or by receiving this video on Mondays. 

Sacred Space link HERE!

Traditional 9:30 Service
Our more traditional, 9:30 am service is in the sanctuary. We are continuing our journey with understanding compassion through embracing the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) in a more holistic way. The additional book Pastor Devon is using as a foundation is The Twelve Steps for a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. Click on the title if you are interested in purchasing the book. 

Worship link HERE!

Today, I shared from Karen Armstrong’s book information about Step 5: Mindfulness. 
Step 12: Love Your Enemies 
Here is the link to the handout about Empathy, four Immeasurables, and Loving Your Enemy. 

Sunday Morning Fellowship will be at 11:00am through Zoom. We will plan to continue Fellowship until a majority of folks feel comfortable joining for worship. This is a time to chat and check in. We would love to see how many folks we could have join for fellowship! Here is the zoom link: Join Zoom Meeting

Click HERE for the zoom link!

Meeting ID: 835 2292 7576
Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Love to you all, 
Pastor Devon