Charlotte County was deeply impacted by Hurricane Ian on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Living through an almost Category 5 hurricane is an experience like no other. On our property, we lost two pieces of plywood from our roof and because of that, it rained in our sanctuary for over 15 hours. We also had 20 people staying at the church during the hurricane. Many of us believe that the only reason we still have our building intact is because the people who stayed kept doors barricaded from the wind coursing through the entire building. With the wind and water damage to the building, we are currently remodeling the entire sanctuary having to take everything…floor, walls, and ceiling, down to the studs or cement. Our sanctuary is in the rebuilding and remodeling phase and we are excited to see the finished product.

As we are in the rebuilding and remodeling phase, we are also registering groups who want to come and help people rebuild their homes and lives in our community. And we continue to feed people in our community, as of the beginning of February 2023 we are feeding over 400 families every week. While we are feeding people physically, there is also a huge spiritual, mental, and emotional hunger as well. In preparing for long-term recovery efforts for our community, we have different ways you can support these efforts and we hope you will consider being a part of rebuilding Charlotte County and beyond.