Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community, 

As we continue to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world, let us do so with love and hope. Our weekly email of prayers is a way for us to share the prayers shared in worship, through the food pantry, and our various other ministries with a larger group. Due to privacy needs we will only include the first names of people and not last names. We also know this list will not be perfect and in need of constant updating. We will review this every week and be mindful of how we are being asked to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world. 

Pastor Devon 

Prayers of Joy

  • Gale expressed gratitude for Eric from Church of the Palms for all he is doing to help our church recover. And we all said, “Amen!”
  • Deb celebrates having her mom visiting! 
  • Sharon expressed joy that her daughter got into the same college as her son. 
  • Sharon is grateful for a wonderful class for her final year here. The students and parents are all wonderful! 
  • Sharon is also excited to be moving to live with her husband in Missouri. 
  • Prayers of joy for birthday week: Maya turns 6, Emma turns 16, and Drew turns 15!

Prayers of Concern

  • Maralee asked for prayers for her mom. Her mom was admitted to the hospital Monday night. 
  • Please pray for Kymmie who is home sick. 
  • Deb asked we continue to pray for Jeff’s recovery from shoulder surgery, which is not healing as well as expected. 
  • Cheryl asked for prayers for Frank, Annie’s friend. Frank is in need of a triple bypass.
  • Also Cheryl requested prayers for herself for patience as she awaits an improved housing situation to line up.   
  • Sharon expressed gratitude for our prayers for her 97 year old father-in-law, Gene. He died before Christmas and was buried with military honors. She is grateful he is at rest.
  • Sharon also asked for prayers for her 84 year old parents for their health and wellbeing. 
  • We also received a prayer request via our online prayer portal from Janet. She has requested prayers for healing from health issues dating back to Thanksgiving. She also fell this week and has also tested positive for COVID. 
  • Please also continue to keep Bob in your prayers as he continues healing from a partial hip replacement. 
  • Wendy asked for prayers for baby Arlo who is now having heart issues. Also for moms Ricci and Courtney, and for their other kids. 
  • Chris asked that we pray for the terrible violence in California. 
  • Cheryl reminded us that we all should be praying for world peace.

Prayers for Those Traveling

  • Safe travels for Bill and Sheilagh. 
On the website for the church, there is a way to submit your prayer requests. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please do so. The prayer requests are emailed to Pastor Devon once they are submitted. 

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