Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community, 

Many have asked for weekly prayers to be shared with the community. This is a way for us to share the prayers shared in worship, through the food pantry, and our various other ministries. Due to privacy needs we will only include the first names of people and not last names. We also know this list will not be perfect and in need of constant updating. We will review this every week and be mindful of how we are being asked to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world. 

Pastor Devon 

Prayers of Joy
Prayers of joy for Maralee’s new job! New routines, new opportunities, and thanks for God’s guidance and provision!
Prayers of gratitude for our pantry volunteers for their dedication during a tough day.
Prayers of Concern
Prayers for healing for Maralee’s dad fell and had to have stitches.
Healing prayers also for Kymmie’s stepmom, Linda, who is still ill.
Also for baby Hope who is struggling to gain weight.
Continued prayers for Colleen’s recovery from her back surgery.
For baby Arlo as she struggles on.
For Cheryl’s brother in Georgia. Specifically, that he would slow down and get some rest.
For Wendy’s sister-in-law (Marybeth) and father-in-law (Tom Sr). Marybeth is Tom’s caretaker and that is getting harder for a variety of reasons. Prayers for wisdom and peace.
For friends of Wendy’s in Alaska, Carol. She had a bad fall that put her in the hospital and shattered her knee. While in the hospital, her husband died unexpectedly. Both are community leaders. Prayers for Carol and her kids, grandkids and the community.
Continue to pray for a friend in Virginian who lost her son to mental illness.
Prayers for Cheryl’s family, coworkers, and finances.
Continued prayers for all the food pantry’s clients. And specifically, for Randy and his wife. Both seriously ill with cancer and both deciding to move forward without further treatment.
For the homeless coalition. And specifically, for a man who spoke of a need for another neck surgery.
For those fighting for their mental health.
Finally, please pray for peace throughout the world.
Prayers for those Traveling
On the website for the church, there is a way to submit your prayer requests. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please do so. The prayer requests are emailed to Pastor Devon once they are submitted. 

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