Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community, 

As we continue to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world, let us do so with love and hope. Our weekly email of prayers is a way for us to share the prayers shared in worship, through the food pantry, and our various other ministries with a larger group. Due to privacy needs we will only include the first names of people and not last names. We also know this list will not be perfect and in need of constant updating. We will review this every week and be mindful of how we are being asked to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world. 

Pastor Devon 

Prayers of Joy

  • We continue in our gratitude for our work teams! Last week’s was from Myrtle Beach and next week is a Praying Pelican Mission team. They will help in the pantry, as well as helping those people with homes in our community impacted by Ian. 
  • We are grateful for our food pantry volunteers. They amaze us weekly! 
  • We’re also grateful for our Disaster Response ministry response partners, like Missions on Wheels and Praying Pelican Missions and all of them. 
  • Sue announced that Amanda and Sanford (Sandy) were getting married! Prayers for the happy couple. 
  • Sandy’s friend Joy, who visited recently and helped at the pantry, is headed back to Baltimore with a full heart! She was very moved by what she saw. 
  • Sharon shared that her daughter, Bekah, was graduating and that she only had 15 days more of teaching before moving. It’s her best class ever, so, there is much to rejoice about in her life. 
  • We celebrate with Kymmie and Rick on their recent 11 year anniversary! 
  • And for Pete and Betty’s anniversary. 
  • Also for Phil and Heidi’s anniversary. 


  • Please keep all who loved Bob in your prayers. His funeral will be on Wednesday, May 17 at 10am under the tent in the garden. Following the service, we will have a time of refreshments and fellowship with the family. Then, if anyone wants to join, we will have the burial at Sarasota National Cemetery at 2pm. 
  • Pray especially for Joy as she is back home from the hospital.
  • Continue to pray for Maralee’s dad and sister, as well as for Maralee after the death of her mom. 
  • Please pray for Ahilya as she heals from her respiratory illness issues & the complications. 
  • Pray for John as he recovers from an eye infection and cold. 
  • Barbara asks for prayers for Fred as he struggles to accept his illness. 
  • Rick asked for prayers for his friend, also named Rick, and his family. His friend Rick passed away leaving a wife and two young kids. 
  • Kymmie asked for prayers for Cecilia’s knee. 
  • Pray also for Jeff’s upcoming shoulder surgery. This will be his 5th, and hopefully, last. (UPDATE- Jeff’s surgery went well and everyone is hopeful for the outcome! Surgeon said he will be back to doing what he loves very soon!)
  • Kymmie also asked we pray for Cecilia for continued healing. 
  • For those families living in the homes we are helping. For peace, rest, and stability for them all. 
  • Cheryl sent in a request for prayers for the volunteers at the food pantry, for those not with us at this time, and for those traveling. And, of course, for world peace. 
  • For peace for the people of the world. 

Traveling Mercies

Please continue to pray for those traveling:

  • For Deb and Jeff as they head to Wisconsin for his surgery. 
  • For Annie as she and a friend depart on a cruise. 
  • For all those traveling at this time. 
On the website for the church, there is a way to submit your prayer requests. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please do so. The prayer requests are emailed to Pastor Devon once they are submitted. 

Here is the link: