Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community, 

As we continue to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world, let us do so with love and hope. Our weekly email of prayers is a way for us to share the prayers shared in worship, through the food pantry, and our various other ministries with a larger group. Due to privacy needs we will only include the first names of people and not last names. We also know this list will not be perfect and in need of constant updating. We will review this every week and be mindful of how we are being asked to pray for one another, our community, our country, and our world. 

Pastor Devon 

Prayers of Joy

  • Kymmie is grateful for a relaxing day with family. 
  • Cheryl is thankful things are going so well for her this year, and reports enjoying her time off. 


  • Devon contacted the office on today (Tuesday) indicating that Emma’s horse, Finnn had hurt himself badly overnight and they were on the way to get him some help. She asked for prayers for Finn and family as well as traveling mercies as they’ve also had truck issues this week. 
  • Please pray for Cecia’s surgery on 2/1 and the physical therapy that will follow. 
  • Pray for John’s friends, a husband and wife, both diagnosed with cancer. 
  • Pray for Cindy, from the pantry, who has Covid. 
  • Prayers for Heather’s sister with leukemia. 
  • Please pray for Wendy’s cousin, Cortney, who is having medical tests done for some very concerning symptoms.
  • For Weldon to feel better as well. He’s been sore. 
  • Prayers for this week’s work team, coming from Bethel, PA to serve in our community. 
  • Prayers for Kevin.
  • Also for Jackie and Betsy. 
  • For Steven with complications from a car accident in July. 
  • Kymmie asked for prayer for her lost keys (which she has subsequently found – prayer answered)
  • Cheryl asks for prayers for a continuing good year for herself and her complex, as well as continuing progress on her New Year’s resolutions. 
  • Continued prayers for Cheryl’s brother and sister. 
  • For homeless, hungry, and hurting.
  • For our food pantry clients and volunteers. 
  • For those being impacting by the ever more dangerous weather. 
  • For those affected by gun violence.
  • For peace in the Middle East, Sudan, Ukraine. 
  • For peace in our own lives and for our world. 

Traveling Mercies

  • Special traveling mercies for seminary students, Noah and Addison, as they travel to Ghana. 
  • Also for Wendy’s friend, Justin, who is traveling to Thailand for his first marathon.
  • Safe travels for all our winter friends who will be traveling south soon!
  • And indeed, safe travels for 2024! 
On the website for the church, there is a way to submit your prayer requests. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please do so. The prayer requests are emailed to Pastor Devon once they are submitted. 

Here is the link: