Who We Are

Wintergarden Presbyterian Church is located in the “Murdock” area of Port Charlotte, between Collingswood and Pellam. We are right in the middle of our neighborhood and love being here! The people of Wintergarden make up a delightful congregation who are loving, caring, and devoted people. Every week, we gather for Bible study, worship, and fellowship. In addition, we are excited about growing individually in our faith, growing as a faith community, and living out our faith in our community.

Over the past few years, we have had many different transitions that have led us to begin a process to envision who God is calling us to be today and for the Port Charlotte community. This huge endeavor is taking some time, but we love the journey God has called us on. As we continue this journey, we hope to embody being “a church of hope, love, and friendship” for you and your family. Know you are welcome to join us on this journey.

Mission Statement

We reach out, teach, and provide Christian love within our community, while encouraging people to walk with Christ every day.

As we live into our mission statement, we hope we embodying being “a church of love, hope, and friendship” for you and your family.