Kid’s Worship

Kid’s Worship

Best Practices for this page:

  • If you’re trying to reach families with children, you almost certainly want to include a page that talks about their role in the worship service. Is there a children’s time in the worship? Are the kids dismissed to children’s church midway through the service, or are they dropped off in the children’s area prior to the service? Where is the kid’s worship held? Do they get a snack? Is that snack peanut free? If something is wrong, how will the church contact the parent? What sort of training do your volunteers and/or staff get? When and where can parents pick their children up? How late is too late? Any sort of question that a young parent would have concerning your policies is good to address here.
  • Ask the young parents in your church for help coming up with these questions. Maybe ask them what they wish someone had told them at first.
  • Try to have pictures of the facility, descriptions of any Christian education that kids may typically receive, and what their activities would consist of (free play, video teaching, crafts, etc).
  • Explain how kids will learn about their faith and have a good time.
  • Be sure to link to this page from the “New Here” page if you have a children’s service that happens at the same time as the main worship.

Example content:

We know how hard it is for young children to sit through worship, and how stressful it can be for parents when they try, so we offer Kid’s Worship during both the Traditional and Contemporary services at Wintergarden Presbyterian Church. Kid’s Worship is designed for children aged three to completion of second grade. We have a team of dedicated teachers who each teach on a monthly basis to help your children feel more comfortable and develop strong relationships with their teachers! Each teacher is assisted by a middle or high school student.

During Kid’s Worship, we follow a curriculum to ensure that as you’re growing closer to God in the service, your children are also growing in their faith by about Jesus and the Bible. We strive to make Kid’s Worship an event that your children will love to come back to every week! Each class starts after the children’s sermon, and consists of songs, prayer, a Bible story of the day, a snack and a craft/art activity that goes along with the Bible story of the day. We send a take home page with every child each week so that you know what your child has studied. This also provides some ideas to follow up at home to reinforce that week’s lesson.

All of our teachers receive a background check, and there is always someone on hand who is first aid and CPR certified to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. Additionally, we are a peanut free zone, only providing snacks that are labeled as peanut free, such as Goldfish and Graham Crackers. We look forward to seeing your children this week at Kid’s Worship!