Devon Beisser DucheneauDevon Beisser Andrews
Devon has served as the pastor at Wintergarden Presbyterian Church in Port Charlotte, FL since May 2014. Prior to being at Wintergarden, she served as the redevelopment pastor at South Park and Westminster Presbyterian Churches in Charleston, WV. As a pastor, Devon has a passion for working within congregations and ministries seeking to learn where God is calling them next. She has been working with children, youth, and adults since 1993 and loves being with God’s people. Devon also works with Ministry Architects ( helping churches to build healthy and sustainable ministries.

After graduating from Presbyterian College (Go Blue Hose!) with a degree in Christian Education, Devon spent a year as an Interim Director for Youth and Adult ministry (and dabbled in Children’s ministry). After this interim year, Devon attended Columbia Theological Seminary (`06) and University of Georgia (`06), where she received a MDiv and a MSW in Community Empowerment and Program Development.

Devon relocated to Englewood, FL and lives there with her husband Lamont and daughter Emma. They are enjoying being close to the beach and the rest of their family within a few miles!

Julie Christensen

Julie was born and raised in Massachusetts. She now lives happily in Florida with her husband Nathan and their four boys Jacob, Jonathan, Jaxon, and Jayce. She has a cairn terrier mix named Sammie, a great Dane/American bulldog named Sarge and a cat named Tigger.

She earned a degree in healthcare administration in 2012. She has always enjoyed helping other people and previously worked in the medical field for 15 years.

She looks forward to working with pastor Devon (who also officiated her marriage) and the rest of the congregation.


Heather DeGroot
Heather was born and raised in Cambridge Ontario Canada. She studied theology and music at Ontario Bible College and University of Toronto. She married and then moved to Pennsylvania, in 1975, where she raised 4 children who currently live in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida. She is a proud grandmother of Mackenzie and Jonas. Heather has lived in PA, NY, and VT over the last 31 years. She taught music privately and in the school systems and has been music director, choir master, and organist in various denominations over the last 45 years. Over the course of the past 12 years, she moved back to Canada to care for her aging parents and then back to the United States. In 2016, she moved to Florida to spend time with her children and grandchildren. Since joining the staff at Wintergarden, she met Weldon and we have all just celebrated their marriage.