Legacy Giving

What is the Legacy Funds Ministry?
The Legacy Funds Ministry is an opportunity for you to leave your faith legacy to Wintergarden Presbyterian by making a gift to one of the Legacy Funds that will continue to support Wintergarden for generations to come.

What are the Legacy Funds?
Wintergarden is establishing three Legacy Funds. Your gift can be designated to one or more of the funds or to all of the funds. If no designation is specified, your gift will be distributed equally to all of the funds.

The income for this fund will provide support in perpetuity for the many ministries of the church including but not limited to worship, discipleship, music, fellowship, pastoral care, and outreach and evangelism.

The income for this fund will provide support in perpetuity for the missions and benevolences of the church. Your gift to the “Birthday Club” benefits this new fund.

All Wintergarden members and guests are eligible to contribute to the Wintergarden’s Birthday Fund. Enrollment envelopes can be found in the lobby on Sunday’s or in the church office during the week or click here to sign-up online! Once you become a “birthday club giver” your name will be added to the website as a supporter. In addition, we will begin to build up this endowment, and be able to create new ways to give back. Thanks for your support!

The income for this fund will provide support for the maintenance and upkeep of the church building and property. The corpus of this fund is also available for special capital needs as approved by the session. Here are some of the projects:

  • Repair the exterior ceiling of the covered entryway
  • Prepare to replace 4 AC units in the Sanctuary
  • Prepare to replace the roof
  • Paint the interior of the Sanctuary
  • Replace the Sanctuary flooring

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How Can I Leave My Legacy?

A planned gift is any gift made during your lifetime or at death that is part of your overall financial or estate planning. Below are examples of some of the ways you can give a planned gift:

Gifts Now:

  • Cash or Check
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Real Estate
  • Charitable Distribution from your IRA

Gifts that pay income:

  • Pooled Income Fund

A pooled income fund is vehicle where a donor makes a gift to the pooled income fund and they will receive a proportional share of the fund’s income for the rest of their life. At their death, their shares of the fund as distributed as a charitable gift.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable remainder trust is a gift of assets into a charitable trust that provides the donor a fixed (Annuity Trust) or variable (Unitrust) income for life or for a set term. At their death, the trust assets are distributed as a charitable gift.

  • Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust is a gift of assets into a charitable trust that provides payments for a set period of years to a charity. At the termination of the trust, the assets are transferred back to the grantor or the grantor’s heirs.

Gifts Later

  • Bequests in your will
  • Life Insurance- Church is a beneficiary
  • Transfer on death- Set financial accounts to transfer on death or make payment on death to the church.
  • Retirement Accounts- Add the church as a beneficiary to your retirement accounts.