Important Updates for the weekend from Pastor Devon

Important Weekend Updates

Dearest Church Family,
Positivity is important at this time, but I wasn’t looking for this type of positivity! Yesterday morning I woke up not feeling 100%, just slightly off — what a great way to start my birthday! I went into the office and wore my mask the whole morning and maintained a good physical distance from folks. I got home, took a nap, and woke up still not feeling 100%. So I went to the walk-in clinic to have the COVID-19 test done, and I tested positive.
The doctor and I are pretty sure I was exposed at a restaurant on Sunday afternoon, October 25. However, there is no way to know for sure. If you were with me on Saturday, please stay aware of any possible symptoms. Mine have included a headache, a small temperature that went away with Ibuprofen, and abnormal GI activity. I believe I was more susceptible to COVID because I have been overdoing it and have let my guard down a little. When I was talking with the doctor, she said I was the 10th positive case that day, most cases testing positive in a day since July. 
Please know and remember that this is real and peoples’ lives are involved. Lamont has done the rapid test, which tested negative. We are waiting for the results of the send-away test to confirm that he truly is negative. Emma is being tested today, praying she is negative as well. In addition, Weldon tested positive today as well. Weldon and Heather will be self-isolating for the next 10-14 days. We ask for prayers for all of us. 
I will be in isolation for the next 10 days. I had already planned to be on vacation on November 2-15th. Rev. Todd Reinschmidt will be with you for worship on November 8th and 15th
While I’m away, please do three things for me.
1. Pray for the countless number of people who are dealing with the uncertainties that come with this disease.
2. Stay safe! Wash hands, keep a distance from others, wear your masks, find rest for your bodies and your souls, and keep that guard up!
3. If you feel you have any symptoms, go and get tested. There are rapid tests and mail away tests. The rapid test can have false negatives, but not false positives. The mail-away test is accurate. 
The session met this evening, October 29, to discuss the plans for this weekend. We decided to cancel the family fun night for the safety of everyone. And we have decided to cancel in-person worship on Sunday, November 1. We have been invited to join our sisters and brothers of Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church for worship. Worship begins on Sunday morning at 10 am. Here is the link:
I will be back with you all as soon as I can! I am looking forward to a week of “vacation” and a week of continuing education. I’ll be back in the office on November 17. 
In the meantime, please contact Julie Christensen at 941-787-9905 if you need anything in person. Please reach out to the session members if you need anything else (Bud, Sharon, John, Bob, and/or Barbara). Julie is also available on Wednesday mornings in the office. 
Sending lots of love and virtual hugs to you all!

Love to you all, 
Pastor Devon