Dearest Wintergarden Faith Community, 

Occasionally, you will receive emails that are titled “Keepin’ It Real with Pastor Devon.” These emails will be very specific in purpose, focused on something important happening at Wintergarden, and important for all to read.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read and respond if asked.

Pastor Devon 
Well, the insanity of March is almost over…and now the fun begins!
 Thank you all for being such an integral part of everything this past month. Also, thank you for your prayers the past week. I have primarily been in bed, laying on my back, with a pinched nerve and a bulging disc in my neck. It also seems like from all the computer work, zoom meetings, sitting, driving, etc., that my neck has started to lose it’s curve and has started to straighten out. I have a 3 month treatment plan with the Chiropractor and as of today, I am starting to feel some relief. Praise the Lord! This Sunday, April 3, we will have a guest preacher. Sarah is a friend and colleague in ministry, but also a seminary student at Dubuque Seminary. She is wrapping up her studies this semester and has been wanting to have more small church experience. I told her we are a great place to experience small church! 

As I have been flat on my back for over a week, I have started to think about some things we can work on at Wintergarden. As I thought about all the amazing things we are doing, I realized that we need more people to help lead in these endeavors. So, I put together a little video about some of the needs we have for more volunteer involvement. I think there are plenty of different ways for folks to serve with all different commitments. The biggest thing is that we are a small church. And I am part-time, working two part-time jobs.  With that, I (and we) all need to do a better job at supporting our various ministries. And if we need to look at some things and start saying no, even if they fall in line with our mission, we might need to do that too. 

So, I hope you enjoy the video. Emma said it is corny with corny music. I’m not going to argue with her on that…it is a little corny. But it still shares what the needs are. And some of these opportunities are virtual, so you don’t need to be in Port Charlotte to help. If you are interested in helping in any way with these, but not willing to lead the initiative, that is great too. Just email, text, or call me and we can make sure you are connected. We will do a training day for everything towards the end of April. I’d love for folks to pray about how they feel God could be calling them to serve in new and different ways. 

In Christ, Pastor Devon Let Pastor Devon know if you are able and interested in serving in any of these opportunities.