Good Friday Service

Well, sometimes we have ideas ahead of time and sometimes we have the day of. Today was a “day of” kinda day. Maybe you can begin Holy Saturday by reflecting on Good Friday. All of this technology stuff takes much longer than I could have even imagined! 

Lamont, Emma, and I read through the Stations of the Cross from “Eggs and Ashes: Practical and liturgical resources for Lent and Holy Week” from the Iona worshiping community in Scotland. 

We recorded it for you. I pray you are able to reflect on this time of worship. 

Blessings to you all. 

Much Love,

Pastor Devon, Lamont, and Emma

Stations of the Cross Worship Service. I pray you enjoy this time of reflection. 
To finish your time of reflection, enjoy this rendition of “Were You There.”

Easter Sunday

Although this is probably the strangest Easter many of us have ever experienced, there are still ways we can experience it together. I hope you will join for some or all of our offerings. 

Here is our Easter Sunday schedule:

8:30am-Sacred Space

(click below for Sacred Space, and you don’t need a Facebook account to access it!)

9:30am- PCUSA worship

(we can all watch service together!)

10:45am- Zoom Fellowship Hour

Download the ZOOM APP for tablets and phones. It is blue with a video camera. You don’t need to do that if you are using your computer. Call me if you need help PRIOR TO SUNDAY!

Click on this link below to join the meeting:

If it asks for a meeting ID, enter this code:

Meeting ID: 628 780 9391

If it asks for a password, enter this password:

Password: 546400

Resurrection Sunday

We will continue to follow the “stay home” advice and directive for the State of Florida. As long as the stay at home order is in place, we will have the building closed. Once it is released, the leadership of Wintergarden Presbyterian Church will decide together when we will gather for worship. Our plan for when we can gather together for worship, whether in the Sanctuary or in the garden, is to celebrate Resurrection Sunday together and hopefully enjoy a meal together. This will be a time where we will feel resurrected as a people of God after a time of rest and renewal and physical distancing.